Magical benefits: Lemon Water


Drinking lemon water in the morning and/or drinking it throughout the day on a regular basis, can significantly improve your health. Get into the habit of this and it will naturally become part of your daily routine!

Some of the most notable benefits include: Cleansing of the liver, reduction of inflammation, better digestion, assistance in weight loss, promotion of healthy skin rejuvenation, boosting of immune system, assistance with the fighting of viral infections, gives a great Energy boost, and can be used in skin care (See ‘The Skin Guide’)


Squeeze half a lemon into a cup of warm water- drink on an empty stomach!

Fill your bottle with filtered water, squeeze in half a lemon – Take to work or exercise class for a refreshing and vitalising drink!

Create a jug or bottle of water infused with lemon slices and/or cucumber slices (leave overnight or for a minimum of five hours) for a fresh tasting, energy boosting, refreshing drink at home or on the go!

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