Natural Skin Care Routine for luminous skin!

Cosmetics today are marketed so cleverly and lead us into thinking we need to lather our bodies in harmful chemical concoctions in order to have ‘perfect’ skin. In fact, skincare products can have a terrible effect not only on our skin but our overall health.

Some to watch out for…!

Parabens (have been found in breast cancer tumours), Benzoyl Peroxide (a possible tumour promoter), Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (used in 90% of skincare products, also used in car washes, to clean garage floors; it can cause depression, skin irritations, eye damage and even death) Tridosan a synthetic antibiotic ingredient and is registered as a pesticide.

There are of course many more of these, but you get the idea… So, if you’re looking for an all natural, inexpensive beauty routine, here it is.

I’m going to share with you part of The Skin guide…

(If you have been using synthetic products for a while, there is a chance you may go through some detox symptoms to begin with -this is a good thing- you don’t want that crap staying in your body.)

What you’ll need:

Raw Organic Cold-pressed Coconut oil (you can now get this fairly inexpensively in the UK but do bear in mind it lasts forever!)

Bicarbonate Soda


Step 1: To wash your face/remove make-up + eye make-up: Use a small amount of coconut oil. This works great on getting eye make-up off! Remove with cotton pad.

Step 2: To exfoliate: Take half a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda (take precautions if you have sensitive skin) massage into damp skin in circular motions, rinse with warm water.

Step 3: Splash face with very warm water several times (I do it with the highest temperature I can stand) THEN switch to the coldest water and splash (x 10-15 for each temperature)

You can repeat this process – but always finish with cold splashes and pat dry with a clean towel.

Step 4: Apply coconut oil to your face liberally and leave on overnight.

Once a week: Apply lemon juice to your face and leave to dry – it will tingle/sting for a minute- Lemons contain salicylic acid, an ingredient in acne and anti-aging treatments so lets just get it in its natural form! Yes please!

For problem skin this method can be applied daily.

Just Keep it Simple 🙂

How to Drink Vinegar, and Smile about it.

Vinegar… Natural Organic Fermented Apple Cider Vinegar.

A glass of vinegar water is one of the most refreshing drinks on my list. Although the taste is not something to rave about, the health benefits are!

ACV is fermented and you’ll see the little floaty bits in the bottom of the bottle.Photo on 05-11-2015 at 14.31 #3

Tip: Use ACV on your skin. It’s the best toner you’ll ever use as it contains malic and lactic acids balancing the PH levels in your skin whilst softening and exfoliating! Because of this ACV is excellent used on acne, psorisis and even wrinkles.

Foods that are fermented are great for digestion reducing indigestion and raising energy levels. It is also good for the guts bacteria and helps to maintain a good bacteria balance.

Tip: Sip on ACV after a large meal or too much alcohol and it will help to normalise the PH in your blood, helping to reduce any negative effects. Drinking it before a meal helps suppress your desire to overeat!

Drinking ACV is thought to aid weight loss and reduce fat cells in the body. How? Who really knows? But it is said that the vinegar interferes with the body’s digestion of starch and therefore less calories are absorbed. You can find hundreds of weight- loss products out there which contain ACV as the main ingredient.

ACV has antibiotic properties and helps fight colds and flu, drinking it through flu season may prevent you getting ill.

 Tip: Gargle with ½ vinegar ½ water to soothe a sore throat.

ACV can be taken as a tablespoon in warm water but I also enjoy it in a large glass of cool water, it can also be taken in juice if you find the taste too much.

Tip: Add to olive oil, mustard and lemon juice to create your own dressing.

ACV is also a great hair tonic as it normalises the pH levels on your scalp it promotes better hair growth. It is also known to clear dandruff.

Tip: Put it in a spray bottle diluted with ½ water and spray onto your scalp – leave for 10 minutes, rinse and wash as normal.

When I drink ACV I feel ‘cleaner’ and I do feel it gives me an energy boost and stops unhealthy cravings. I also love using it as a toner on my skin (I often just wipe it over my face before gong to bed – nothing else) I am sure it reduces wrinkles and always gets rid of spots and my skin feels really smooth the next day.

So, if you haven’t tried using ACV, do it soon and tell me what you think!