Delicious Fruit cake (Vegan low fat and gluten free)



14 oz / 400g mixed raisins and currants

350 ml cold black or chai tea

8oz / 250g spelt flour ( this does contain gluten but it is well known for it to not cause problems for those with allergies; if unsure go for rice flour)

7oz / 200g sugar (use coconut sugar for a more nutrient dense and healthier option)

1 teaspoon mixed spice

1 teaspoon cinnamon

2 teaspoons baking powder

2 chia eggs (1 teaspoon chia seeds per ‘egg’ + 3 teaspoons water) soak for 15 minutes


Soak the fruit in the cold tea overnight or if you don’t have time for minimum of 15 minutes but the linger the better.

Skak the chia seeds in the water as instructed above. Check they are a gooey consistency.

Mix all ingredients together.

Pour mixture into a loaf tin. Any extra mixture use to make some little buns in cup cake moulds.

Bake at around 160 for approximately 30 minutes depending in the size of the cake and heat of the oven.


What’s in my bag?


Waleeda skin food: My absolute favourite skin product and the only one I buy!

I use it as a moisturiser on my face about twice a week;

Mix it into foundation to give a brighter more luminous finish;

Use it on my feet at night then put socks on.

It is the ultimate moisturiseršŸŒ±

Carob bar: The best alternative chocolate bar; and it’s pretty healthy and filling (although high in fat).

Bio-kult probiotics: Probiotics have made a great difference to my health and since taking them I can eat gluten based foods again. If you’ve taken antibiotics, had a lot of stress or have had a poor diet probiotics are probably a good idea. This brand is pretty good but I also recommend Optibac.

Alfalfa sprouting seeds: I love to sprout these at home and then have them in my smoothies!

To sprout:

Soak seeds in bowl if water overnight

Drain and spread out on a flat container and sprinkle with water so they are kept wet and watered.

You can cover them but store them where they can get sunlight like on your window sill.

They should take a couple of days depending on the climate and sunlight.

Keep refrigerated once sprouted and use within 4- 5 days. After this time if they go bad they can be very harmful, so the fresher the better!

Nag Champa insencse sticks: Just because they are my favourite ones. I burn them to clear the air, help myself relax or burn them during yoga or meditation.

Tip: I put the sticks in my plant soil so the ash doesn’t fall on the carpet.


Sunday shop

In case you can’t see all the items here is the list:

Bag of baking potatoes

Cherry tomatoes

Organic spinach

Organic leafy greens

Frozen berries


Vegetarian sasauges

Whole earth baked beans

Rice pasta

2 jars tomato pasta sauce

Nutritional yeast

2 bottles raspberry kombucha

3 passion fruits

Detox tea bags

Chocolate oat milk

Total: Ā£24.15

My staples are rice (Which I’m stocked up on), potatoes and pasta and i keep it high carb low fat šŸŒ±


Today’s food in photos.

This is how I eat to stay satisfied and full! I missed out my lunch photos which was quinoa ( I always take a box of quinoa for lunch) spinach and baby tomatoes plus a small side of pasta. I eat high carb through the day and save fats for evening as the fats are harder to digest and slow you down through the day. Plus it makes going to the toilet much more efficientšŸ™„ I don’t always eat processed foods like chips and veggie sasauges but I do have them sometimes and as I was feeling quite tired today so it was just what I fancied.


Saturday Shop.

All organic food shop today.

Here’s what I bought:

Sourdough Spelt Bread

Natural probiotic Soy yogurt

Marinated Tofu x2

Fresh Ginger

Fresh Turmeric

Ground Turmeric

Fresh Garlic

Bicarbonate Soda


Red onions

Spring Onions



Red Bell Pepper


Cashew Nuts

Nutritional Yeast


Total: 25 Pounds